I am a creative practitioner and university academic. I work in the Photography and Visual Communication Design programs in the School of the Arts, English and Media at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

My interests include:

  • Photography
  • Design practice
  • the creative process
  • reflective practice
  • knowledge transfer
  • design expertise
  • Design education (studio and project-based learning)
  • and bicycling of any kind

I have published my research both nationally and internationally, primarily focused on the role of reflective practice as a means to learn from the creative experience in ways that can support transfer of knowledge to other creative experiences. Recently I have been linking this research with levels of design expertise.

I am a member of a research team called Sense Spaces at the University of Wollongong that is exploring multi-sensory environments. My primary role is to provide a co-design perspective, design, and employing the principles of the design process and design thinking, support communication amongst a diverse group of researchers.  

I completed my PhD in design education in 2014. The thesis is titled Graphic Design Education: Fostering the Conditions for Transfer in a Project-Based and Studio-Based Learning Environment, through a Structured and Critical Approach to Reflective Practice.

I teach Photography, both digital and analogue platforms, and  Visual Communication Design. Within these disciplines I also focus on the principles of creative process, the role of reflective thinking to support knowledge transfer, and research methodology for creative practice.